Online Answering Services Includes Different Types of Solutions

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Online answering services can imply different types of solutions for your business.
Traditional answering services take your phone calls when you are unable to answer your telephone lines. You can retrieve messages through a variety of different means, including having them delivered through email or text messages. A more recent type of answering service is where the messages are taken online, right through your website. This involves using a chat feature where a person can either chat live to a representative or leave a message.

How Do Online Answering Services Work With My Website?

When you want to enable online answering services on your website, you will need to add a chat support feature. This feature can be added as a button located somewhere on your web pages. Another option is to use a pop-up chat box, which pops up based upon settings and provides the button to the link to enable chat support. When no one is available to provide support, you can include the option to leave a message. However, when you use our answering service here at Answer United, we can offer chat support for the times when you are unavailable.