Who can benefit from our Michigan answering service?

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Companies all across Michigan can take advantage of the answering services offered by Answer United.

Providing everything from weekend phone answering to appointment booking services, we really do offer the complete solution for businesses looking to outsource.

Which sectors can benefit from our Michigan answering service?

Truth be told, most businesses can benefit from what we offer.  Any company that deals with customers over the phone is suitable for our Michigan answering service.

Having been in business for over 45 years, we have the experience to deal with customers from any industry.

The medical, legal and hospitality sectors all make extensive use of our Michigan answering service, but we are flexible enough to cater to anyone.

What our Michigan answering service can offer

We can provide a wide range of services:

  • Over flow answering – If things are getting busy, we can step in to take callers off your hands.
  • After hours answering – Never let a call go unanswered, even when you have an empty office.
  • Appointment scheduling – Allow us to handle the admin side of your business.
  • Virtual receptionists – Project the right company image and allow our trained staff to answer your calls.

Whatever services you need, trust Answer United to cater for your business specifically. Get in touch today for a quote.