Grow Your Small Business by Using a Michigan Answering Service

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Growing your small business in order to handle larger ordering amounts will require you to increase your staffing levels. During tough economic times, it can be difficult to hire new employees to handle processing more orders. Instead, you may feel like you are unable to provide the correct staffing levels to accommodate the increase in orders. When you are unable to hire more employees, but need this added level of support, you should consider using our Michigan answering service.

Have a Michigan Answering Service Process Your Customers’ Orders

At Answer United, ordering support through our Michigan answering service follows your requirements and specifications. We will answer phone calls just like callers were calling your business directly, following custom scripts you help create. Our telephone agents assist your customers with their order placement. Our technology allows our computer screens to pull up your script, along with your ordering form, so that our telephone agents know it is one of your customers calling.