People Prefer Live Answering Services over High-Tech Phone Systems

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When you place a telephone call to a business, you expect to be greeted by a live person. However, that is not always the case or situation. Some companies have installed high-tech phone answering systems. In order to even get to a live person, you first have to navigate through a sea of options. Sometimes you may even need to speak into the telephone and deal with the computer attempting to determine how best to serve your needs. These types of phone systems are frustrating to your callers, who prefer live answering services by a real person instead.

Live Answering Services Use Live Telephone Agents to Answer Calls

Live answering services allow your callers to have their telephone calls picked up by a live telephone agent. The telephone agent will provide different levels of support depending upon the nature of the phone call. They can take your messages, route phone calls to the appropriate staff, and contact your on-call person for urgent calls.