Live Answering Service

Benefits of a Live Answering Service


When a customer calls your business, they want to speak to a live person and not waste time trying to navigate a telephone menu.  When you are away from the office, they may leave a message if they cannot get a live person, or they may call your competitor, who has a live answering service.  Customers want to feel welcome when they call your office and a live person is the first step.


Finding a Quality Live Answering Service


When you are looking at having a live answering service, you want to make sure that it is staffed by the best quality employees.  The staff at Answer United is completely trained in answering telephones for your business.  These employees understand that customers need personal attention and they will make sure that every customer feels that they are both welcome and wanted.  You can feel confident when you close the office that your customers will never notice the difference.