Get your Wisconsin answering service right

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There’s a lot Wisconsin-based businesses can do to ensure they deliver consistently excellent customer service. In addition to hiring Answer United to provide an award-winning Wisconsin answering service, your internal team must be versed in how to answer the phone correctly.

Wisconsin answering service: tips and tricks

Your team must answer your business phone in a manner that reflects well on your business, including:

  • Custom scripting and training
  • Answering the phone with a smile
  • Promptly identifying yourself and your organization
  • Speaking slowly and enunciating properly
  • Avoiding slang and other buzzwords
  • Creating accurate message tickets

Wisconsin answering service and appointment scheduling

Answer United doesn’t solely offer  Wisconsin answering service. Our services include around-the-clock appointment scheduling, the benefits of which include: verifiable records, customer service even outside of normal office hours, and the ability for smaller businesses to project a larger, more impressive image.

Call Answer United today to learn more: 800-937-5900.