Doctors Answering Service

Doctors Answering Service Delivery Options


Doctors in different fields will use an answering service solution in order to be reached after hours and in emergencies. In the past, this would involve calling the doctor, being connected with the service, who took the message, then paged the doctor, while the patient or hospital waited for a call back. Doctors’ answering service solutions today can take advantage of different delivery options, such as text messaging and email messaging provided on smart cellular phones.


Solutions Offered by Doctors Answering Service


A doctor’s answering service can provide much more than taking phone calls and being available for after office hours. Answering service solutions could include appointment scheduling and providing virtual receptionist services. Answer United,, offers these solutions and more for clients as a leader in the call center industry with forty-five years of experience. Answer United provides solutions for medical doctors, chiropractors, dentists, veterinarians, and other medical support staff, such as hospice care.