Customized medical answering services by Answer United

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With patients often contacting you in states of heightened emotions, it’s essential that your medical answering services be up to the challenge.

Medical practices and related businesses are made and broken on their customer service record. That’s why it’s essential that you never compromise when it comes to your reputation.

Award-winning medical answering services

Answer United offers award-winning medical answering services to businesses from all branches of the healthcare community. In fact, we’ve been doing so for almost 50 years.

Our agents are thoroughly versed in medical terminology. Your patients will receive care and empathy with every call. Meanwhile, urgent calls with be forwarded to the correct recipient swiftly.

Ongoing medical answering services

Increase brand awareness and customer retention by manning your phones and email 24-7. In addition, we offer virtual receptionists, appointment scheduling, call overflow, and absentee reporting.

Answer United’s medical customer services are fully HIPAA Compliant. To learn more, contact 800-937-5900.