Answering Services

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Answering Services – Absentee Reporting Services can Improve your Productivity

Answer United offers more than just the average answering services, we handle all of your incoming services from the phone and the Internet and this includes absentee reporting services. For large companies absentee reporting can be a huge problem, all too often an employ may call in and not be recorded or on the other end of the spectrum may not call in and claim they did. This can cause a considerable amount of problems as well as decrease productivity and cause the employees to abuse the system.

By using answering services from Answer United you can be assured of always having accurate records and a verifiable way of knowing if your employees actually called off or not. This service will minimize abuse of the call off procedures in your company as well as improve morale and productivity.

Need answering services for your company? Answer United offers a complete solution for any company that will cover most of your incoming calling needs.