Answering Services

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Answering Services Allow you Time in the Field

Whether you work in construction or home health you cannot always be near a phone, this means that invariably you must use some sort of answering services to catch your calls for you. While this is to be expected it is a well-known fact that people simply do not like talking to a machine and that a large percentage of them will move on to another business rather than wait for your call back. Answering services can help you catch this group of people and turn them into customers.

Live answering services allow you to be where you need to be while a professional agent answers the phone for you. Thanks to custom scripting they can answer most of the questions your customers might have as well as perform many of the different responsibilities that are needed on a day to day basis, such as service and prescription requests, making appointments and much more.

Answer United has been managing answering services for over 45 years and offers one of the most professional and worry free answering services in the industry.