Answering Service

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Answering Service – Who Uses our Answering Service?

At Answer United we offer a broad range of answering service specialties from doctors to lawyers to those needing services for the HVAC and oil companies. We also offer services for order taking, help desks and a number of specialties. Because we run a 24 hour a day service we have the ability to take orders, take care of your customers when you can’t and take care of problems that just cannot wait for regular business hours.

Our services are complete, professional and efficient at handling your calls helping you to take care of your clients and create new ones. We can also offer credit card verification and authorization,  email read and response and a variety of other services to help your business run more smoothly so that you can concentrate on your business not on the day to day details.

Please visit Answer United if you are looking for professional well trained agents that understand your business almost as well as you do.