Answering Phone Service Provides Flexible Answering Options

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An answering phone service offers the ability to take care of all your inbound phone calls. You decide when you want the answering service to take your calls. You can utilize their services after hours, on weekends and holidays. Or you might need them to handle phone calls during employee staff meetings, when people are out sick or on vacation. You may even decide you want the service to take calls during normal business hours, to free your employees up to perform other work related tasks instead of being tied up on the phone.

Choosing the Right Answering Phone Service for Your Business

When choosing an answering phone service, you will want to find one which provides the ability to take care of all your business needs. No matter what size business you operate, we here at Answer United offer a variety of services and solutions. We have over 45 years of experience, use state-of-the art, web-enabled equipment, and have a low turnover rate. We also put all of our agents through an extensive training program, which is ongoing, to keep their skills honed so they can provide quality for our customers.