After Hours and Weekend Answering and Scheduling Services

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Several different industries require that appointments are made in advance, such as hair salons, doctors’ offices, attorneys’ offices, auto repair shops, dentists’ offices, and signing up for trade shows. You can hire someone in-house to take these incoming calls, but they will only be available during normal business hours. Any calls that come in after hours or on the weekends could result in you losing business. You can avoid this situation when you use answering and scheduling services offered by a professional answering service firm.

Pick Your Own Answering and Scheduling Services

There are different types of answering and scheduling services available from an answering service firm, like Answer United. You can choose the level of service you desire, which can include providing your own custom scripts, routing calls to voice mail boxes, online on-call management, instant messaging, and scheduling appointments. Having an outside answering firm, like Answer United, frees you and your employees up to concentrate on your core business activities without having to worry about incoming calls.