A 24 Hour Answering Service Offers Many Different Solution Options

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A 24 hour answering service offers you many different options for solutions for your business after your normal business hours. You can choose to have the answering service just answer your inbound telephone calls and take messages until you re-open the next day. But this is just a basic level of service and does not even begin to tap into all the other types of solutions available. You could choose to have the answering service act as your own 24 hour call center, help desk, scheduling office, or even your own private virtual administrative assistant.

24 Hour Answering Service Can Help With Order Processing

You can get orders processed even after your normal business hours when you use a 24 hour answering service, like us, here at Answer United. Our experienced telephone agents give your callers a real live person to talk to when they call. We do not have complicated telephone trees or options which your callers have to navigate through. Instead they dial the pre-determined phone number and we answer it normally within three rings.