5 Ways to Make Call Center Job a Fun Work

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Make call centers fun to be at. All it requires is a little effort and some tips that make it totally worth it. Rest assured, your employees will love it! Making call center more interesting a place is no more a big deal!

Call center job can be overwhelming. You are working around the clock, endlessly taking calls on the phone and spending a majority of your shift trying to get people to buy your service or resolving issues. This is what makes it really important to break the monotony. Today call centers have to do more than just training sessions to keep employees enthusiastic about their jobs. Some jobs are inherently fun. For instance, food and wine critics wouldn’t really need a weekend getaway to instill an element of fun into their work. A call center, on the other hand, is one demanding profession. And you need the motivation every now and then!

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Interesting Offers and Incentives
And these aren’t just checks or money based incentives, but something more than just that. Let them win a night out on the town. Ask them to achieve a target and give them a sales-based contest. Give them prizes that are more than just money. Let them enjoy a movie or tickets to any ongoing game. Another way of making this even more fun is to make teams, and let the team with the highest sales win great offers and tickets. You can even give them discount coupons of a restaurant or a bar.

Let Some Days be Theme Days
One challenge that any monotonous job faces is that of keeping people excited about coming to work. You can do this by hosting theme days. Let there be summer, spring, Halloween, fun, floral, etc, themes that keep them excited about dressing up and finding out who’s dressed as who at work. Sometimes you can keep them around the seasons. This will make them complain less about how bad the weather is. Throughout the day, ask them to vote for the best costumes.  Make categories ad let this be something they look up to every now and then!

Meal Plans
Keep a plan for lunch or post lunch hour. You can try a small game plan or hire a comedian or host a potluck lunch in the cafeteria. You can also keep meal themes like Italian or Mexican. This is something that will keep them excited and engaged during lunch time too. Let them feel like the organisation cares about their interest. This will also take their minds off the sales bit for once. This is also a way to motivate better discussions around lunch time. Try and keep little contests on the best treat.

Getting Them to Stretch
Having a gym is not enough. Sometimes physical boredom also effects work. So what can you do about it? Let there be contests like basketball contest, or a simple something to keep them engaged. There can be other games that can be added too to keep them going.  This will get them to stretch. If not elaborate games, a better idea is to keep those desk games which involve moving around a little so that you can easily get them to stretch a bit. Exercising a little at work is great for the mind too.

Weekend Getaways
Even if it’s for a couple of days, make sure you make plans with the team. People should sometimes look forward to a nice weekend getaway. They should know an exciting something is waiting for them as the weekend approaches. There is nothing better than this. If nothing else, try and make plans for one compete day and let this be a surprise sometimes on the weekdays. If not all are interested in a weekend getaway, then a good idea is to take a vote on where people would want to go next. This will get them more interested in the trip.