4 Benefits of Bilingual Answering Services

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There are roughly 60 million Hispanic Americans in the United States today – and while a majority of them speak English, there’s still a significant amount that either do not or are more comfortable speaking Spanish. What’s more is that the Hispanic population is responsible for more than $1 trillion in spending power, and studies show that such consumers prefer to make personal connections with the businesses they shop with.

With all this being said, it makes sense to invest in a bilingual answering service to tend to this growing and increasingly powerful segment of consumers. In this post, we’ll break down the top four benefits of doing so:

4 Key Benefits of Bilingual Answering Service

1. You Can Reach an Entirely New Demographic

Like we said in the introduction, Hispanic consumers tend to want to make personal connections with the firms they purchase from. With that being said, if you incorporate bilingual representatives into your customer service team, you’re better able to connect and communicate with Hispanic consumers. This helps bridge any potential language barrier to make a stronger connection between the seller and a potential consumer. It can also ensure you’re communicating clearly. And lastly, it ensures that you’re able to market to the Hispanic population because you know you can properly service them.

2. It Improves Customer Service and Sales

In addition to improving your firm’s overall customer service, you should also be able to increase sales thanks to your ability to market to and service a new demographic of potential consumers. What’s more is that working with an answering service, such as Answer United, for bilingual service is far less expensive than either training in-house support staff or hiring a bilingual agent full-time.

3. It’s a Competitive Advantage

If you have a Spanish-speaking prospect trying to decide between two firms that offer the same service and Firm A has bilingual support services while Firm B does not, who do you think your prospect is going to choose to do business with? The obvious answer is Firm A, which makes this offering a competitive advantage – especially if your competitors do not offer a bilingual answering service.

4. It Promotes Inclusivity

Studies show that diversity and inclusivity are important to consumers – so it should be important to brands too, and not just as it pertains to return on investment. For instance, studies show that 70 percent of Generation Z consumers are more trusting of brands that represent diversity in their marketing and advertising. Furthermore, about 40 percent of consumers are more likely to trust brands that show diversity in their marketing and operations. But there’s a big difference between talking the talk and walking the walk. By incorporating a bilingual answering service into your operations, you can prove that you’re walking the walk.

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